Since 2004, we have worked with clients who have benefitted far better than 'just going to the bank'


Our Mission

Home loans are interesting.  Perhaps even fascinating.  Because they are a vehicle towards a major development in somebody's life story.  Somebody like you. 

We love to work with you to make sure this particular chapter in your life is what you want it to be.  Buying a house is exciting.  And perhaps just as exciting is saving lots of money (and the things and experiences it can buy). 

If letting somebody else handle all the questions from the bank and working out all the numbers for you sounds like a good plan, then you're in the right place.  And if you love the idea of perhaps keeping some of your hard earned cash in your own pocket instead of the bank's, then look no further.


competition creates choice

We are part of a growing wave of increased expectations amongst the Australian home owner community that has seen over 1 in 2 home loan applications being handled by a mortgage broker every day. 

Consumers have spoken. 

They prefer to know that the home loan they are getting and the institution that they are going to be paying large sums of money to over the next few years (or decades) is the best option for them at that point in time.

Smart move.  There must be a reason that Australian banks are some of the strongest financial institutions in the world.  Us Aussies are a demanding lot.  So demanding in fact, that banks will pay mortgage brokers an upfront and ongoing commission to bring their business to you and to look after you to make sure you are getting great service and truly specialised advice.  Even after we've bargained them down for a better rate than they would have given you by going to the bank on your own.

How can this work you ask?  Well, by paying us they don't have to pay as many staff, have as many (or any) branches, and cover all the other costs that keeping you happy takes.  They've outsourced. 

Now banks aren't rich for nothing.  They're good at the business of making money, so they think our little arrangement is just fine and dandy.  Because they know that there are lots of mortgage brokers working many more hours than nine-thirty to four Monday to Friday that will take your business away from them if they don't treat you (and us) nicely.   Nice to be in the driver's seat, hey?


25 lenders - over 2,000 products.  Who has time to figure it all out?  (Actually, we don't, but we have some great software that helps).   Saving money for clients is always a consideration, but so is a lender's credit policy and whether you as a 'credit personality' will fit within their (sometimes very square) boxes.  We love working with round pegs that might not fit those square holes for some reason.  

We also keep up to date with all of the lender changes and policy niches.  And we dig a bit deeper into our up to date analysis of current property trends, local market conditions and wider economic factors.  If you're making decisions about your property, these are facts that can be useful in terms of making your decisions eg:

  • do I fix or not fix?
  • can I afford to take the equity out of my home to buy an investment and is it a good strategy?
  • what are the markets around Australia doing?  And around the world?
  • why is a particular house selling so cheap?  Or seem overpriced?  Is it overpriced?  How do I found out?  (HINT: real estate agents certainly aren't going to tell you!)
  • is it better to build or buy established?  

a little about inline home loans

Deb Richards, Lending Director

Deb Richards, Lending Director


Inline Home Loans was founded by Deb Richards in 2004 on the Sunshine Coast, initially trading under her company name of Manifest Finance Pty Ltd.  Deb has had many career transitions through the realms of finance, health and education, and sees these three seemingly diverse aspects of life as ultimately interconnected.  You can't have much of any one of them without the other two!   It is this wholistic approach that fuels the business of Inline Home Loans.  Yes, we do bank loans.  But we want to ensure that your health isn't going to suffer because you're eating 2 minute noodles after paying the mortgage, and also want to know that you have made the most informed financial and property buying decision you could at that point in time.  Property purchase and finance contracts are serious business that will cost you many thousands of dollars, and deserve so much more than the 'transactional' approach that seems to be on offer across most of the lending market.  A mortgage is often a decades long decision.  So we like to treat it that way.

Here's a bit about Deb's background (in case you're interested):

  • The pieces of paper:
    • Bachelor of Business (Mgt & Acc)
    • Diploma of Transpersonal Counselling
    • Graduate Certificate in Health Studies
    • Cert IV Training and Assessment
    • Graduate Diploma in Education
    • Cert IV Financial Services (Mortgate Broking) 2004
    • Diploma Finance and Mortgage Broking Management 2014
    • and various other bits of wood pulp going mouldy in my filing cabinet
  • Memberships
    • Finance Brokers Association of Australia / previously Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia (2004-2010)
    • Credit and Investments Ombudsman
    • Queensland College of Teachers
    • Founding member of The Space Innovation Hub
  • Degree qualified accountant - working towards CPA accreditation
  • Qualified educator (you may see me keeping my teaching hours up in our local high schools on some rare occasions - and boy do those poor kids get lectures about not spending too much on car loans! )
  • Passionate educator and activist about everything to do with money and finance and how it impacts our personal lives, our communities and ultimately, our world (see our blog entries about our divestment campaigns and financial literacy initiatives)
  • Hobby flute/recorder maker/player - serious hobbyist - flute conventions overseas are a favourite.
  • Futurist - always keen to stretch the existing paradigm of any situation by asking
"What else is possible?"