The ache for home lives in all of us; the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned.
— Maya Angelou

first, fAVOURITE, forever or to be forgotten....


Home loans are part of the story of your home life.  And like all stories, yours is unique.  That's why we want to hear it.


First home buyers

First homeowners

Buying your first home can be joyful, stressful, confronting and confusing - all at the same time!  There are so many unknowns.  By going to a mortgage broker before you're ready to buy, you can be better prepared to deal with any uncertainties.  It makes sense to use the services of someone who works every day at this.  At no cost to you.

There are plenty of resources on the internet to get you started.  First home buyer lists.  Packing tips.  Renovation blogs.  And using these is a great place to begin your home owning education.  You can't start too early building up your financial literacy and fitness - a journey that will last a lifetime.  There's so much you were never taught at school.  And even though you may be lucky and know a great bank manager or lending specialist at your local branch, they are still only limited to educating you on how their products work.  A broker works with around 2,000 products.  That's why it truly is a specialist field, and why more than 50% of Australians use a mortgage broker when they buy a house.  It's a smart thing to do.

It's also smart to gain the wisdom of those around you, especially older family and friends who have seen the property market rise and fall over a couple of decades.  And even more so if they know the particular local area where you plan to buy.  Local knowledge is GOLD. 

At Inline Home Loans we will take the time to educate you in areas that you may not know about.  We'll consider your situation now and into the future.  And you can put us on speed dial/text for all those 'up at night' questions once you've signed the contract.  Really.  We love it.


1.  Make sure you've spoken to a broker first to understand your borrowing ability and any potential hiccups that can happen

2. Ideally lodge an application with your broker to get a pre-approval with as few as possible outstanding conditions

3. Find a great solicitor that will be patient with you and explain everything fully (we can put you in touch with someone if you need us to)

4. Call us to get a FREE property profile report on the house you want to buy emailed straight to your inbox (it will show you how much the current owner paid for the property and when they bought it, as well as some great local market comparisons to help you understand the property's true value in the current market).

5. And no matter how bad of a day you may have had at work, DON'T QUIT YOUR JOB during this process.  It's really hard to get a home loan when you've just changed jobs (although we can still help with this, it just might wipe some lenders off your option list).  Even if you have a pre-approval, employment checks will still be done before the loan settles.

For more great #firsthomehacks, have a look at our blog

And don't be scared to call us on 07 4093 9141.  No question is too small or too big for us to answer.  

That's what we're here for.



So you've been a home owner for a while....congratulations!  It's no mean feat to buy a house.  And sometimes an even meaner one to go through the nerve wracking process of selling.  Did you know that buying and selling a house is listed on the psychological index as a major stressor and life event?  Even when it's positive it can be stressful.  And let's face it - not all home ownership stories are sugar coated fairytales (although if yours has been, then fantastic!).  

Whether you may have bought cheaper to start and want to upgrade; bought an investment first and now want your own home; have moved cities (or countries) and have bought and sold a few times; or you have lived in your place for what seems like forever and now you want upgrade it....whatever your personal story is - we're here to help.

Our skill set is highly focused on saving you money whilst matching you to a lender that has the right corporate 'fit' to your personal situation in terms of your preferences, their credit policies and the all-important goal of paying them as little interest and fees as possible over the life of your loan.  We all work too hard to be paying any more of our after tax income to the banks than we have to.  Our task is to ensure that as much of your money stays in your pockets as possible - not theirs.

Buying and refinancing your home loan can become less of a life stress event when you use a mortgage broker - if your particular mortgage broker is a good match with you in terms of service, style, skill, personality and focus.  You shop around for your hairdresser, mechanic or any other specialist you use.  Mortgage brokers are the same.  You really need to meet with the person you're going to work with to determine whether you have the confidence in them and have a rapport that will allow you to feel supported throughout the process.  Because we could all use a little less stress in our lives.

If you meet with us and feel for some reason that you'd rather deal with your local branch manager or another broker, then there's no hard feelings and we'll wish you well on your home buying/refinancing journey.  We're all different.  And it's your choice.  

How refreshing.





So you've lived in your place for what seems like forever.  You may have even grown up there. Whatever your story (and we'd love to hear it), you know that you feel at home where you are and that isn't going to change. But it's feeling....well....(how can we put this nicely?)....a little dated.  Time for an upgrade?  It's surprising how affordable a renovation can be.  Go on....get some quotes.  Or watch some home reno shows or read some blogs.   Cost it out.  And then call us.  You may be surprised at how effortless it all might be to take a little equity out of your house and transform your life.  


Van office anyone?

Van office anyone?

Maybe you've been avoiding buying a new car for a while.  Or have put that holiday or visit to family interstate or overseas off for too many years.  If you've built up some equity in your house then it makes financial sense to borrow at home loan rates instead of much higher personal loan rates.  Whatever the situation is that sees you needing to access those hard earned funds, then give us a call.  Because in your case the lowest rate is probably the most important consideration.  And you'll most likely get that through a broker.  We have the bargaining power and the market knowledge of where the best rates are.  So lean on us, and we'll give you the hand up to get you to where you want to go.

bank said no?  all is not lost....


If you're going through a hard time and are behind in your home loan repayments or think you can't get a loan, then you need to talk to us now.  The great thing about mortgage brokers is that we have access to many lenders that you may not have ever heard of who are a LOT friendlier with their credit policies than the major banks.   All of these situations can be worked with or we can make a plan towards working with them:

Relationship breakdowns / divorce settlements

Debt agreements, bankruptcies, credit file defaults

Job losses, tax debts

Trauma events (death/illness)

Difficulty getting a loan due to: 

Rural area, Centrelink income, retired, low/no deposit

Short term employment / casual / part time / commission / contract

Working with a broker is not like going to the bank.  It's a private, confidential meeting where your dignity and privacy are of the utmost concern.  It's a safe place where you can share your money story.