What is not started will never get finished.
— Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
At the peak


Being self employed takes drive, enthusiasm, unwavering commitment to a vision, and the determination to continue on even at times when the numbers 'don't seem to stack up'.  At Inline Home Loans we will listen (and not flinch) when you explain how your home loan goals include any or all of the following:

  • using your home equity for business working capital
  • not wanting to use your home equity for business working capital (yes, this is possible, even for startups)
  • upgrading your home to conduct your business from
  • wanting to purchase or refinance a home with less than 2 years' financials
  • wanting to purchase or refinance a home with an 'interesting' financial history (bankruptcy, defaults, a mix of contract/self-employed and PAYG work, tax debts, multiple business/personal debts)

Having a mortgage broker that can assist you with a business planning strategy that includes the foresight to calculate how your business decisions might affect your borrowing capacity in the near and distant future can help you to plan for your personal and business financial goals.

We have some great lenders on our panel that see you and your financials from a business person's perspective.  They 'get it' when we present your financials to them in a way that maximises your income and borrowing capacity.  And they appreciate that we get it too.