"You should call yourself a dream broker!"

When on the phone to a new client yesterday, I think she was surprised about the depth of my questioning.  There were the usual questions of "How much do you earn?" etc., but once the initial details were covered and we began discussing the property/ies she had been looking at to purchase, our conversation turned towards the future.  And, as with all clients, I began to see the 'picture' of her life - her relationships with partner, kids, work; her interests, dreams and passions - and how these all intertwined into her future home purchasing decision.  And so the conversation became a bit more...ahem...personal.

You see, that is the thing about mortgage broking.  It's really a profession unlike the standard "Bank + Paperwork = Money" equation.  At least the way that I run my business.  You see, I firmly believe that decisions around money - especially LARGE decisions (like buying or building a house) - are one of the few chances we get to create a large part of our reality - a reality that will essentially define us in one way or another (even when purchasing investment properties sight unseen).  And it is this perspective I bring to my questioning.  Which ultimately begins a process of clearer decision making for every client. And who doesn't want clarity when dealing with decision making around large sums of money?

So as our first conversation as broker/client was coming to an end, my client began to digest all that we had discussed.  And started to realise that she was in the driver's seat with her decision making.  And then she exclaimed "You should call yourself a dream broker!"  

All in a day's work for me, but never any less important no matter how small the transaction or inexperienced/experienced the client.  There's nothing more satisfactory in life than discovering "What else is possible?"  with someone.  So next time somebody says to you "Just go to the bank"...or...."Find the best loans online"...., stop to think.  You may find a better home loan rate (highly unlikely)....but will you have a qualified accountant/dream broker at your disposal to help bring your vision to life?